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I’m a freelance writer of fiction and nonfiction stories on family and relationship dynamics, community living, chronic Lyme disease and more. Also a student of integrative approaches to wellness, I live on the rural outskirts of Fort Collins, Colorado, where countless untold tales keep vying for my attention.

Backstory:  If you knew me when, and you still greet me as Kitty, you’ll make me smile. Even though I mostly go by Katharine or Kit now, that younger self still thrives inside me – keeping me laughing, enjoying friends and the outdoors. I started jotting down poems and stories during those early years and now my commitment to writing is woven into the patterns of my life.


“Quarry House,” Rose Valley PA. Photo by Amy Stoddard

From Pennsylvania to Colorado:

– First: a friendly town outside Philadelphia where I loved hanging out in the woods. (Photo above: our old stone house and part of the surrounding property — taken by my niece).

– Next: New England: Bradford College and University of New Hampshire – where I worked with Andre Dubus II and other fiction writers. Hiking and skiing in the woods on those campuses and in the White Mountains sustained me.

– Then: to Fort Collins when I was 24, essentially via a job transfer. A couple years later, wanting to attend grad school but not wanting to move again so soon, I applied to Colorado State University and worked toward my MFA in Fiction Writing there. During that time I met my husband, Dan. Later I had to withdraw from the grad program because of illness. In spite of those health challenges, we have one daughter, Kate. What a fun and nurturing gift to be able to raise her in the village-like cohousing neighborhood, Greyrock Commons, where we still live.

– Now: Dan and I are grateful to call Fort Collins home – and of course spend as much time outside as we can. Kate graduated last May, 2016, from the U. of Colorado Boulder with a double major in Geography and Anthropology. After completing a three-month paid internship in Denver this past summer doing GIS, she’s now in a transition time, planning her next steps.

Gregory Sky Blue(1 of 1)

With Dan and Kate at the west edge of our Greyrock Commons neighborhood

Some outdoor and wilderness escapades:

– Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania: a weeklong wilderness expedition when I was 12.

– New Hampshire: “Survival in the Winter Wilderness” class/Bradford’s January break.

– Wind River Range, Wyoming: National Outdoor Leadership School six-week backpacking course.

– Rocky Mountains and surrounding areas in the West: road trips, camping, hiking and retreats through the years.

– Living off the grid for a couple years in a passive solar home my husband designed and built on 40 acres in the forested foothills.

Community Living:

Green Pastures Emissary Community, New Hampshire,1970s

Fort Collins Emissary Community and Sunrise Ranch,Colorado,1980s

Greyrock Commons cohousing Neighborhood, 1996 to present

Looking out at the foothills with Dan and Kate:

Gregory Family (26 of 65) Color (1 of 1)

Photos by DeFiore Photography (except where otherwise credited)

2 thoughts on “Bio & Backstory

  1. What was your “week-long wilderness expedition in the Pocono Mountains” when you were 12? I don’t remember. I’m also just trying to see how the “leave a reply” feature works:)

    • Hi Sis. Do you remember I went to a two-week-long Girl Scout Camp in the Poconos for a couple summers? The summer I was twelve I chose a backpacking program. We prepared for it for a few days in Camp, then took off into the wilderness for a week. I have a lot of memories from that trip — such as building a table together out of downed logs,and even building a seat for our “latrine” and shielding it with fresh fern leaves every day. I absolutely loved being immersed in the woods. Still do, and I think — at least to some degree — you can relate. Thx for testing the Reply feature!

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